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Training Management System (TMS) FAQs and Help

Select the questions below to learn more about TMS.

You must use Keystone Login to register for and access TMS.

Keystone Login is an account management system for commonwealth online services. You will use Keystone Login (unique username and password) to log into TMS.

If you already have a Keystone Login account, click “Login” to enter your Keystone Login username and password.

If you do not already have an account with Keystone Login, click “Register” on the TMS homepage and you will be redirected to to create one.

If you know the email address associated with your old TMS and TrainPA accounts, make sure that email address matches the email address in your Keystone Login account. This will connect Keystone Login to the information that DDAP has on record from your previous TMS and TrainPA account. You will have access to previous certificates through this account.

Once you have access to your account, if you used a work e-mail, it is highly recommended that you then update the e-mail address to a personal e-mail address.

If you are completely new and never had a past DDAP TMS account, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DO NOT USE A WORK EMAIL FOR KEYSTONE LOGIN. If you forget your username or password, Keystone Login will use the email address that you used to create the account. If you change employers and no longer have access to that email, you will not be able to use the self-service password reset, which will result in needing to contact the Keystone Login helpdesk.

Please note: You, not your employer, own your TMS account. You are responsible for all scheduled trainings and keeping your information up to date.

TMS sends emails to the email address on your account for class confirmations, reminders and updates.

If you are not receiving emails the message may have been stopped by a spam filter or may have been placed in a junk folder. Please check in these places for messages with the email address

We recommend contacting your IT department and asking them to have the following email address placed on the email whitelist:

Once these emails have been whitelisted with your IT department you will be able to receive messages from TMS.

CWOPA Employees will use their CWOPA credentials to login via Keystone Login. There is no need for you to register a new Keystone login.

For questions related to your Keystone Login account, including password resets, you can request that information directly from the Keystone Login site. You can also contact the Keystone Login Helpdesk by calling 877-328-0995 or emailing

DDAP Training Section staff cannot assist with resetting Keystone Login passwords.

For questions regarding scheduled classes in TMS, please contact the primary contact listed for that class on the scheduled classes listing in TMS.

For all other training related questions, please use the General Help Request form located in TMS.

You can request that information directly from the Keystone Login site by clicking the forgot username/password at the bottom of the Keystone Login homepage.

You can also contact the Keystone Login Helpdesk by calling 877-328-0995 or emailing

DDAP Training Section staff cannot assist with resetting Keystone Login passwords.

Course surveys and certificates will be available in TMS approximately five (5) business days after completion of the class.

To gain access to your certificate, you will first be required to complete an online course survey. You will be emailed a link to the survey that will bring you back into TMS to complete the survey, or you can login to TMS and find the survey button on you My Course Dashboard page beside the record for that class. 

Once the survey is completed, your certificate will become immediately available on the page as a “Certificate” button next to the training, replacing the “Survey” button.

Copies of your certificates can also be found in your training record by clicking on “Members” at the top of the page and selecting Training Record from the menu that appears.

It is the responsibility of the learner to cancel their registrations in TMS. Learners have until 2 hours after the posted class start time to cancel their registration in TMS, however we highly recommend that learners cancel their registrations in TMS as soon as possible and before the course start date to allow others to fill your seat.

To cancel out of a training that you've been registered and approved for, login to TMS, and go to My Course Dashboard. Find the training session in the list and select the Start Cancellation button to complete the steps needed to cancel. You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation via email. 

If for some reason you are unable to cancel your registration timely in TMS, you must email both DDAP and the host/primary contact before the cut-off time to avoid a no-show penalty.

If a training is missed without canceling, a $50 no show penalty will be assigned, and you will be unable to register for additional classes until the fee is paid.

Any registrations you had prior to receiving the no show fee will NOT be cancelled. For example, John Doe signs up to take two trainings, one on a Monday and another on Friday, John misses Monday’s training and receives a no-show fee notification. If John also misses Friday’s class without first cancelling his registration, he will be assigned a second no show fee.

In TMS, you can find courses required in licensing regulation and the training provisions listed in DDAP manuals, by logging in and going to the "Find Training” menu at the top of the screen and then selecting the Required Training button.

SCA/Provider-hosted trainings are offered at the request of the SCA (Single County Authority) or Drug and Alcohol Commission offices and are often conducted at the SCA, local treatment provider facilities, or held virtually.

DDAP-hosted trainings are training sessions that DDAP occasionally hosts at public venues (hotels, universities, etc.) at various locations around the state.

Course content at DDAP-hosted trainings and SCA/Provider-hosted trainings are the same.

While the PA Certification Board no longer requires education providers to receive prior approval, DDAP-hosted trainings are commonly pre-approved by the PA Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for CEUs. CEUs for SCA hosted courses are offered at the discretion of the SCA host.

DDAP offers several trainings that can be attended remotely.

Instructor-led classes can be delivered virtually through platforms such as Zoom, etc. Whether an instructor-led training is in-person or virtual is determined by the host of the training and the type of training being requested.

DDAP also offers courses in an on-demand/e-Learning format. These courses are fully self-paced and without a live facilitator.

All available trainings can be found by logging into TMS and selecting the "Find Training Menu" at the top of Page. Upcoming Training lists Instructor-led classes delivered in-person and virtually. To find on-demand eLearning courses, please go to the Course Catalog and use the selection on the left of the screen to find on-demand courses.

If you would like to see a specific training from the TMS catalog offered in your area, please contact your SCA (Single County Authority) offices. Your SCA can then enter a request in TMS for the class.  To be held in your area. Find your SCA using the SCA County Search locator.

DDAP does not issue professional credentials or certifications to individuals. All questions regarding professional certifications and credentials should be directed to the issuing credentialing agency.

When new trainers are needed for DDAP owned trainings such as Addictions 101, Case Management, Motivational Interviewing, Clinical Supervision Training, Screening and Assessment, etc. DDAP will send out an announcement to the field for resumes from qualified individuals. To receive future announcements for trainer canvasses, please e-mail and request to join the listserv to receive e-mail correspondence from DDAP. 

All DDAP trainers are required to be a part of the DDAP ITQ. We also highly recommend trainers to be a part of the DGS ITQ as well for possible training development with DDAP and for other agencies in the commonwealth to see you as well. Joining the ITQ does not guarantee you a position as a trainer but it will ease the process of becoming a trainer when we canvass. Information regarding the ITQ process can be found here: ITQ Application Guide ( 

When applying as a DDAP trainer, your resume should highlight your experience in the drug and alcohol field, as well as your training experience, including the topic area or names of any courses/curricula, how often you trained the material, the audience, etc. Once we have received and reviewed your information, we will contact you to discuss the next steps in the process. 

If you are approved as a DDAP trainer, the next step will be to attend a Training of Trainers (TOT) event. Whenever we update curricula, we will hold one of these events, and a notice will be sent to all individuals who have expressed interest in becoming a trainer. Part of the TOT event will be a teach-back, where you will be required to present a 15 to 20-minute section of the curriculum for evaluation. 

After DDAP staff complete the evaluation of your teach-back, you will be notified whether you have been approved to train that curriculum. If you have been approved, you will be added as a trainer in TMS and can access the materials from the TMS course page. 

If you have existing training material that you have created that you believe fills a gap in the current curriculum offered, we can review any training materials that you may have developed for the consideration of adding it to DDAP’s course catalog.